Purchasing Platform
Modern communication with suppliers

What is a purchasing platform?

Overview of enquiries

We publish enquiries in an open form on the procurement platform. Some proceedings are also conducted in a closed form.

If we invite you to participate in the proceedings, you will be notified of it by e-mail. You can, of course, join any proceedings in an open form.

Making offers

You can submit bids in response to closed and open enquiries. The possibility of submitting bids without the need to log in to the procurement platform facilitates the process.

We will send you a confirmation of submitting your bid by e-mail. Additionally, you can ask questions concerning our proceedings.


After collecting commercial bids, we conduct negotiations or organize an electronic auction..

In that case, we will send you an invitation to participate in the auction by e-mail. Our system is simple and intuitive, and we conduct electronic auctions in order to increase the transparency of our procurement activities.


Create an account on the Procurement Platform..
Log in to the Procurement Platform and learn about its functionalities..
View closed and open enquiries. We will send you an e-mail with the information about the enquiries you will be invited to..
Take part in our procurement proceedings, submit bids and participate in electronic auctions


Simplicity in the submission of commercial bids
The procurement platform provides a simple and intuitive method of submitting commercial bids. You can submit bids without logging into our system.
All documents in one place
The documents concerning participation in procurement proceedings are available to our suppliers in one place, which facilitates the implementation of commercial activities..
Modern communication and transparency
The procurement platform is not only about submitting commercial bids, but also about asking questions and communicating with our buyers. Our tool supports the transparency of our proceedings.